anatomy and phsiology as related to dental prosthesis

retromolar pad :

primary stress bearing area in mandibular: edentolous ridge is

the main purpose of covering the retromolar pad area is

if a complete denture patient has genial tubercle at the level of the crest of mandibular ridge – the denture base :

posterior palatal seal is seen in

posterior palatal seal is present on

secondary peripheral seal area in mandible is provided by

the coronoid process

the function of the posterior palatal seal is

distal palatal termination of the maxillary complete denture base is dictated by the

in determining the posterior limit of a maxillary denture base , posterior border

vibrating line is on the

Which of the following are limiting areas except?

Which of the following is not a relief areas ?

Limiting structure of mandibular denture is:

should be covered by lower denture

buccal shelf


should cover them and relief is a must

soft palate

immovable soft palate

anterior lingual border

limits the thickness of the distobuccal flange of the upper complete denture

helping in retention of a denture

vibrating line

hamular notch

on soft palate

Maxillary tubersity

Palatine fovea region

Retromolar fossa and pad


keratinized stratified Squamous epithelium.

Instructing the patient to say *AH* with short vigorous bursts will help in visualizing

parotid gland

xerostomia Causes

The primary cause of bennet movement is due to contraction of

In mandible occur

Muscle which has influence in the formation of buccal frenum of maxilla

Class III

suprahyoid muscles, infrahyoid muscles, and platysma.

the————- muscle medially against denture border in the area of the retro molar pad

The masticatory mucosa

Anterior vibration line

A serous secretions

Reduced retention of denture.

Lateral pterygoid

both isotonic and isometric contraction occurred

Levator Anguilla oris

soft palate makes 70 degree angle to the hard palate

Opening muscles

Buccinators muscle

Preparation of Mouth for Removable Partial Dentures

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